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Kazakhstan Program

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The Program

Good Hope Adoption Services Inc offers our Kazakhstan program in collaboration with a prominent in-country facilitator. Our program works in various regions throughout Kazakhstan including Petropavlovsk, Ust Kamenogorsk, Almaty, Karaganda and U’Ralsk. We offer this program with much enthusiasm and experience to qualified families. Our services include the following:

  1. Dossier Preparation and support
  2. Support through the child- matching and acceptance process
  3. Travel Preparation and coordination followed with ongoing support while in the country,
  4. Pre- and Post- Adoption Supports, available to families through Homestudy and Post-Placement Services, and Re-Adoption services.

Facilitator: Svetlana Sinitskaya, our in-country facilitator, holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and a Juris Doctorate. She has specialized in international adoptions since 1995, working successfully for the passage of the adoption law, promoting the idea of international adoption in Kazakhstan. Svetlana has facilitated the adoptions of over 1000 children living in orphanages throughout the country of Kazakhstan. Ms. Sinitskaya's international children's foundation,  "World Without Orphans", has been created to help orphans and children who remain without parental care.

About the Country

Kazakhstan, located in Central Asia, was part of the former Soviet Union. It is located to the south of Russia, and northwest of China. Kazakhstan is now an independent republic, and the ninth largest country in the world. Following the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991, there were sharp economic declines in Kazakhstan leading to the large number of children abandoned and living in orphanages. Although the economy has improved in recent years, the number of children living in institutions remains high. More than 5,000 Kazak children have been adopted into US families since 1998, 380 Kazak children were adopted by US families in 2008. The inhabitants of Kazakhstan include a mix of native Kazakhs and Russians who have migrated there since Russia conquered the area in the 18th century.

Who are the Children?

According to the most recent INS Immigration Statistics (2008)- 45% of the 380 US Kazak adoptions were males, 55% females. 35% of the children were under the age of one year, 53% were between the ages of one and four and 12% were over the age of five. Children of all ages are available. “Infant” generally refers to children nine to twelve months at the time of referral. Most of the children available for adoption are of Asian or Eurasian descent. Children from ethnic groups, including Russian, German, Turkish, Tartar and Middle Eastern are also available. The children reside in orphanages and have been relinquished, orphaned or abandoned.  Good Hope works in specific orphanages with coordinators that have a solid history working with regional contacts and with our agency.

Who Can Adopt?

Couples and single women may adopt. An unmarried woman must be at least 16 years older than the child to be adopted. Applicants must be fifty or under to adopt an infant and under fifty-five to adopt a child. Families with other children in the home may apply. There are no requirements regarding length of marriage; divorced persons may apply.

The Process

Dossier processing takes approximately 6-8 months. The Republic of Kazakhstan does not offer child referrals in advance of travel, but family specific proposed child profiles will be taken into strong consideration when assigning families to regions. Kazakhstan law requires that prospective parents have at least 14 days of personal contact with a child, at the regional orphanage, before submitting an adoption application to the court. Travel is generally 4-10 weeks after dossier approval by the Ministry of Education. Both parents must travel to adopt the child for the first trip, which is approximately 3-4 weeks. The second trip is to travel to Almaty for 5-7 days, for the family and child’s visa interview at the U.S Embassy. Although only 1 trip is required, families may leave following court and return for the US Embassy interview. Escort services may be available upon request and availability.

Costs Involved

  • Good Hope Agency Fee: $7,000.00
  • Immigration Filing Fees: $890.00
  • Foreign Fee range: $12,500-$15,000.00
  • Dossier Preparation and Finalization: $2,500.00
  • In-Country Costs are approximately: $6,000.00-$8,000.00
  • Travel is approx: $1,800.00 per person

The total cost, all-inclusive, averages $28,000.-$32,000. Financial aid may be available in the form of grants, low interest loans, or work-related adoption benefits. In 2010, a federal tax credit offers a rebate of up to $13,170.00 off the federal tax assessment to qualified families.  

Last updated: March 7, 2012

All children pictured on this website have been joined with their families through the
direct support and efforts of Good Hope Adoption & Family Services.

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